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GA Aviation Solutions

G A Aviation Solutions can offer you and your company information and consultation on all your aircraft tire and braking needs. With almost forty years' experience in the international-aviation business, we can match your company with other aviation solution-providers throughout Austral-Asia and beyond.

As Managing Director of GA Aviation Solutions, I can:

  • - provide you with introductions to airline operators throughout the Asia-Pacific region,
  • - provide you with the aircraft tire and braking solutions you need, and
  • - recommend sourcing, purchasing and lease programs.

I have over 37 years of experience in the aviation sector, including 21 years with BFGoodrich (pre Goodrich) and 23 years with Michelin Aircraft Tire Company. I have specialized experience in aircraft tires, braking systems, evacuation systems, de-icers, airframe components and cockpit instrumentation repair, overhaul and sales. In the 1990s, I was Michelin's interface with Boeing, as the B777 radial aircraft tire Project Coordinator.

I have worked with customers in the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. For 32 years, I have lived and worked as an expatriate in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, on assignments covering the whole Asia-Pacific region.

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Gabe Gajdatsy

Managing Director


Phone: +614 1372 0579



I can recommend a One-stop service-solution covering all your aircraft tire needs. This will be tailored to suit your individual requirements, whether you are a regional or commercial airline operator.

I can also refer you to selected distributors for your General Aviation and Business Jet aircraft tire requirements.


Wheels & Brakes

I can make recommendations relating to packaging wheel- and brake-overhaul services with aircraft tire support. The service centers I work with are approved: carrying certificates of conformance to either FAA or EASA standards, or both, to assure that all products utilized on your aircraft meet the highest industry standards.



I am associated with and recommend GE lights for your applications, bringing savings of up to 25% (dependent upon part number) to your operations.

Through my principals, I can package annual support programs with periodic deliveries from existing inventory to assure timely service.

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My principal is an authorized dealer in Aero Shell lubricants and oils.

You will find that purchasing these items in bulk on an annual contract basis through me will enable competitive pricing and sustainable supplies to ensure the continuity of your operations.